Thursday, November 24, 2005

gongbao jiding

gongbao jiding
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I was looking around on Flickr, which is the greatest site, and found so many pictures of great dishes. This is one of my favorites: gongbao jiding, or "Gongbao Chicken". This picture is so great because it shows this famous dish at its best: a great amount of dried peppers, fried and fiery hot; spring onions, cut into inch-size chunks; really a lot of crispy peanuts; and very succulent chicken pieces with a gleam of a slightly thickened sauce with arrow-root. ALso, the whole dish is made with a LOT of oil, which has couloured into a beautiful red because of the peppers. A great mouth-watering picture, thank you mdziedzic! So, how can we attempt to recreate this dish?
Cut chicken pieces in small chunks and marinate those in egg-white and cornstarch, plus some soy sauce and rice wine. Then fry peanuts in hot oil, take them out and drain on kitchen paper. Then fry some dried red peppers with huajiao [small Chinese pepper-like dried thingies which make your mouth go numb] in the same oil, add the chicken pieces, stir-fry until almost done, then add chopped garlic and ginger, spring onions (in small chunks) and flavour with soy, sugar, rice wine and a tiny hint of chinese vinegar... It is almost impossible to get the same intense flavour here as in Sichuan.. but we keep on dreaming.


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