Wednesday, April 26, 2006

salad for lunch

salad for lunch
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This is the basic salad I take to lunch every day. I cut up all ingredients the night before and add the vinaigrette (crema balsamico, olive oil, salt and oregano and sometimes a little black pepper) in the morning.
Inside is cucumber, lettuce, tomato, rocket, black olives, feta cheese, strips of sundried tomato and pine nuts. Sometimes I add strips of red pepper or peppadew pepper for extra zing. Although I eat it in front of a computer screen while emailing or scripting webpages, I still feel very healthy and in control of my life this way! Organizing this kind of lunch is not too hard, just stock up on pine nuts, sun dried tomatoes and other goodies like peppadew peppers, and buy fresh cucumbers, tomatoes and rocket twice a week. I have a 100% guaranteed air tight lunchbox, so no fear of leaking vinaigrette all over stuff in my bag. Yes, this DID happen before, all over a library book...

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